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O wow, thank you I was lost earlier trying to find the photos so thank you. I was lead to believe that the vista suite had a dining table inside it so I bet that is the penthouse suite. I know they said the remaining penthouse suites were on the caribe deck is that a good deck as far as is it quiet? I have a hard time navigating the princess cruiselines website and they said there was 9 ps left as of last night but if I were to move I would want a quiet room and don't they say mid-ship are better than others? I might stay where I am at cause I like the view of the ocean below us but if we can't use the balcony much then it is only good for pulling out of ports but I guess if were in port and were relaxing on the deck we would love it. The princess represenativve had me looking at a room with a table in the room a dining one so that must have been the penthouse right? Thanks for helping me be more informed to help me make the decisions that will help me enjoy my cruise the best. Shana