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Gosh, our experiences with RCCL have been so great we have hesitated to try other lines (what if it isn't as good as we are used to?). I like all food I didn't have to prepare, I have always been treated like a queen by waitstaff, I enjoy all activities (just about) that I am unable to even dream of doing at home. Perhaps expectation figures into the experience?

Truthfully, we had one truly dreadful experience with RCCL in 1994 and if it had been my first cruise I may not have returned, but I can honestly look at the cruise and say: I was entertained. I enjoyed the food. The staff was more lax than I expected, but still fun and friendly. I saw Mexico, the great beaches, snorkeling, Sr. Frogs, Mazatlan historic churches, and lots of other things I can't see in Alexandria, Minnesota. Develop your photos and see if you can't find something beautiful to enjoy. Otherwise you just gave away a week of your life to negativity and pessimism--how many weeks do any of us get?
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