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Hi islandcruz. We were in Jamaica at Dunns River last year. We still had to walk through the flea market in order to exit. And, yes, we were nagged by the vendors the entire time to buy. So, I don't think things there really have changed all too much. Not unless they made major changes since April of '06. I absolutely loved the Falls. But, when locals start following you, putting necklaces over your children's neck and pestering, it becomes a downfall to the trip. I understand that's how the locals survive and I respect that. But, they push it too far. My husband always says, "just keep walking and say no firmly."

jr., we had a similar situation happen to our family while in Jamaica where my husband almost got shot at a bank (no joke). Personally, we have no desire to ever return. If our cruise ship ever docks there again, we would probably stay on the ship. All it takes is one bad experience to ruin a destination forever.