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LISA8844, as tncruiseman says, try to plan what restaurant you want on what night before you go, then as soon as you board go by and make your revervation--don't wait until the night you want to go.

The mini-suite is the way to go if you plan to spend a fair amount of time in your cabin. To be honest, any balcony cabin is very comfortable for two; especially the ones on Caribe deck because they have larger balconies. But for longer cruises, or if you like to escape the hoopla on deck, the mini-suite is ideal; much larger balcony, sitting area with large sofa, much more closet and drawer space, and probably best of all, a larger bathroom with tub. No more having to get out of the shower if you drop the soap!

You didn't mention where you are going, but have a great trip.