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My owner has decided to reward a bunch of the staff for outstanding performance and since I have been on a few cruises: Fantasy, Sovereign twice, and Mariner (and again in this December arriving home one day before the work cruise- LUCKY!) I have been put in charge of organizing everything for the group, reservations have been made rooming lists are done, cruise info put out. To keep the cost lower ($174.00) we booked into Monarch of the Seas for a December 8th sailing out of Port Canaveral. I know little about the ship and everything I have found has focused around the small rooms and average service. There are not too many CURRENT postings about her in the forums and I was wondering if there is any general info / likes or dislikes you all could share. Is she getting vamped up a little before coming to us from LA?

I know sheís a smaller ship and yes, you get what you pay for, but I donít want all the first timerís (6 out of the 11) to be disappointed by not knowing something in advance.