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My wife and I sailed NCL's m/s Majesty out of Charleston, SC on December 23, 2006, for a seven day cruise of the Western Caribbean. The ship's engine went out in the Atlantic Ocean. We were just sitting in the water. The mechanics tried to fix the problem. After an hour, they were able to re-start the engine. They were supposed to turn the engine off again to re-boot the four generators, but the engineers were afraid to turn off the engine for fear it would not start again.

NCL has known of the engine problems on the Majesty since September, 2006. It is common knowledge with the Port of Charleston personnel and the Charleston City Police that something goes wrong with the Majesty at least once per month.

NCL knew that the Majesty has serious engine/drive problems. They allowed passengers to be put in harms way by allowing the ship to sail on Decmeber 23, 2006. NCL was negligent and finally had to keep the Majesty in Charleston for one week so that they can put another band-aid on the engine problem again.

NCL is the worst cruise line in the industry.