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I am a “newbie” and this is my first post. I find the Chat to be very informative.
My wife and I booked the November 20th ms Rotterdam South America Explorer cruise departing Rio, 16 days to Valparaiso. And in between, around the Horn, Falkland Islands, Usuahia.
All of this presents a big “what to pack and wear” problem, as it seams to me that we’ll start the cruise in humid, eighty degrees weather, then sail into cold, windy latitudes, and back to worm climes.
(I know, I know, I wish I had this “problem” more often!)
Has anybody gone through this type of cruising before, with HAL or any other company?
Is it really going to be that cold down by the Horn? I was told “layers” is the solution, but even that takes up a lot of packing space and weight. It’s going to look pretty funny getting off the plane in Rio carrying a winter coat!
Any advice on this will be very much appreciated.