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After being on over 40 cruises with all the major lines I know the deal with the food....actually the food was NOT horrible...just normal food...however the service was not up to cruise or not..CCL did let a group of Teenagers in a balcony room by themselves...unsupervised. These kids were having loud all night parties and CCL had numerous complaints....the only time CCL did anything is when I witnessed one of the ghetto punks throwing a lit cigar over the side of the ship...then they came running. I've been on HAL and they are not dead ships at all...thats what people think but its not true...and let me say one thing about CCL night clubs...DEAD!!! In my experiences on cruise ships...Princess night clubs hop all night long...I'm not kidding the CCL clubs were boring and usually dead!! I'd like to maybe take CCL again..but only on thier newer ships and in the winter when there won't be a hord of kids on board.