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I did attempt to find these self-service laundry mats onboard the Norwegian Pearl. I looked at the fold-out map and it was not listed. I tried to find any information about these laundry rooms in the newsletter; no luck

(by the way I think the Pearl could have done a better job with the newsletter. On Carnival and RCCL, the back page of the newsletter had a section separated with a perforation. The information in this section was a condensed time table of events that day, which you could tear-off and take with you. There was no such thing on the newsletters onboard the Pearl)

Anyway, back to the story of the laundry rooms:

On Day 4 of the cruise, I accumulated enough clothes to do my first load of laundry. After not being able to locate the self-service laundry rooms myself, I packed the dirty clothes in a bag, along with some detergent I brought from home, and a roll of quarters, and headed to the Purser's Desk. When I got there I asked the purser at the desk
" I am looking for the self-service laundry room. Can you tell me where it is?"
She then responded:
I am sorry, this ship does not have a laundry room. We only have valet (full-service) laundry only.
Then to make sure I understood her correctly I then said:
"So, there is no self-service laundry on the ship?". She responded, "That is correct. Instead you need to place the clothes that need to be washed in the bag provided in your room, fill-out the laundry form and place both items on your bed. Your cabin steward will take care of the clothes from there."
I believed her and that is what I did. I had no reason to doubt what she said. So I walked back to my cabin dissapointed.