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No doubt about it, three or four in a cabin is a tight
fit, even if they are your kids, and even if you have the
ship's large accommodations. The problem is a second
cabin is so expensive. Until now. NCL is doing something
about it.
The deal is that you book some of the ship's better
accommodations, and you can get a second cabin for up to
half-off for other family members. (Yes, they have to be
real family members.)
The cabins can be connecting, but they don't have to
be. But NCL has lots of unusual combinations of
connecting cabins. Usually you find just outsides
connecting to outsides, but most of NCL's newer ships
have balconies connecting to outsides, balconies to
balconies, mini-suites to balconies, penthouses to
mini-suites and penthouses to penthouses.
The reason NCL has these combinations is that their
ships need to be interchangeable with Star's operation in
Asia. In Asia, vacationing is often a multi-generational
event involving very extended families, and those groups
want lots of connecting cabins. NCL has found that there
is also a big demand on this side of the Pacific.
Here are the combinations eligible for the discounts:
Buy any suite in the AA, AB, AC, AD or AE categories and
get 50% off on an inside stateroom on the same deck. Buy
a Penthouse Suite category AB and 25% off on the
connecting category AF mini-suite. If you buy a category
AA Owner's Suite, you can get the connecting balcony
stateroom (categories BB or BC) for half price. If you
buy an Owner's Suite (category AA) you can take 25% off
the connecting category AC Penthouse suite.
If you need lots of space for your family, you can buy
an Owner's Suite, category AA, and the connecting
Penthouse Suite, category AC, and get the connecting
category BB or BC balcony cabin for free. (Free is good.)
NCL assures us these discounts are on their regular
promotional rates you see them advertising, not off of
some higher rate. Of course you can't combine them with
other types of discounts, and there are some blackouts
around holidays.
If you are looking for the least expensive way to
cruise in an inside category, this special is obviously
for you. If you are like many and have grown accustomed
to balcony cabins, NCL's Family Rates could save you some
money or give you a step up for free.
Then tell the kids to go to their own room