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Good morning Candice
Here's the scoop on the packages...If you drink lots of soda, and you don't mind fountain soda, it may be a good deal.
It's about 2.50 for a can of soda, so each time you and your husband order one, it's 5 dollars PLUS 18%.
on a 7 day cruise if you each have 3 a day it works out to be about 125 dollars with tip.

That being said, you will be in port some of the days and not using it to it's full advantage. you can use it on the private islands.

As far as gratuities, expect to have them added to every bar purchase.

You don't have to reserve on line. You can get the beverage package on the first day of the cruise, but if you do reserve on line, your seapass card is stamped and your cups are in your cabin when you board.

You do get a decent insulated cup which is also good for ice water and coffee.
Whatever yo decide..enjoy.

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