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HI All,

So glad you enjoyed the photos of the new Crown Princess - she sure is a beauty.

Paul, I am not sure mentioning my name will get you anyplace, but, go for it.
Generoso is the Maitre D. He's one of the BEST in the fleet. I know you will be taken well care off.

How wonderful you are breaking the Crown in "family style".
I was offered a great deal to cruise Sept. 12. However I much prefer the Eastern route to return to Bermuda & am looking to see about that. But, who knows I may be with you!
As for getting seasick - hard one to answer.
I was one who always got sick, even on the Port Jefferson Ferry. But, no more.
Sept. weather is unpredicatable too. I always go prepared with Bonnine - just in case.
Is your husband prone to seasickness?? If yes, I would go prepared. Many say ginger tablets work well. You can do a search here for more info on this as I know there is more info.
As for packing......
I tend to be an over packer. But, have gotten better. For a Caribbean cruise it's easy for me. Loads of bathing suits & cover-ups for daytime. I always bring a dress for every night for dinner. You'll have 2 formal nights.
You will see extremes in how pax dress for formal. You'll see those who dress to kill, and others who go slightly more casual. Be yourself & be comfortable.
Many cringe who I mention this but, there are laundry facilities onboard so you can cut down on the undies, pjs, etc needed - bring 1/2 & do a load of clothes.

Good Luck with your planning.
This site will give you loads of info.


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