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Originally posted by LHP:
If CCL hater had a clue about traveling, he would know that this very same letter can (and has been) written about every single cruise line out there. From the cheapest to the most expensive.

It is to bad that the few valid complaints won't ever get addressed, because he chose to write such a childish letter. Carnival does what any company does when they get a letter from someone with a starfish up their fanny....
I know...I did not pay any attention to the letter at all. I am planning on my Cruise and I am not going to let anyone spoil it for me. I am going to have fun, fun, have watching the travel channel and they had several shows on there about cruising, and it has done nothing for me but made me even more excited..I think I will end up having to take a couple of more days off work when I get back just to recoup. I was so surprised that my passport arrived today in the mail...I just applied for them on the 13th!! That was fast!

ok..I am going to stop rambling!

Hey LHP..sorry to bother you again with questions, but I have another. Of all the Cruise Ships you been on, which one is your favorite?

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