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I don't think Carnival does the concierge lounge thing but maybe with the newer ships like the Freedom they have started???
Jim, I haven't heard any news of it yet. That doesn't mean anything though, sometimes I am the last to hear.

Have been on the Glory before, kind of want to experience a different ship, but, don't want to be disappointed.
kskelley40, they are basically the same as far as the layout goes. The Freedom does have the Seaside Theatre.

A word of thought concerning reviews. I have found them to be skewed to the negative for any ship and any line. It seems to be just human nature to want to tell the world what a bad time one had. For every one of those there are ten people that had a wonderful time. They just didn't take the time to post a review. So you have to use a "weighted average" sometimes when reading them. Just my take on it.

I personally wouldn't hesitate to book the Carnival Freedom if it fit my home port and itinerary considerations.

Good luck with your decision,