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Hi Guys, I'm back to the Rccl side of the board after sometime away with the Hal side.
Last year I took my family on the LOS, I did not cut any corners & went for the big bucks.
Booked 1st class air/2 bedroom apt at the Doubletree Grand Hotel in FLA & The Presidential suite
on board the Liberty.Lets just say I was not happy with the service & the way I was treated
by some people who worked in the purser's office.This was cruise # 12 with Rccl 2 w/Disney
3 w/Ncl.......After not hearing from Rccl for 6 months I canceled my next cruise with Rccl
& booked with Hal..........Well guess what, My letter to Rccl got misplaced & 1 week b4 my cruise with Hal a rep from Rccl called & he could not have been any nicer & made me an offer I could not refuse..........I'm booked on SOS Feb 14th 2009.
People have always said that Hal was higher up the cruise ladder......NOT
Don't get me wrong Hal is 1st rate but IMHO not that much better than Rccl.
Hal knows how to do many things right & Rccl could learn from them.But I think Rccl could teach Hal a few things.Here's a few things that jumped right out at me.
FOOD....about the same Rccl will offer more at dinner...Hal did not
CABINS.....Both very nice, with great beds
SERVICE.....both good...Hal has the best room service
Passengers.....Rccl better mix.....Hal....very quite at night

If you have any ?s about Hal or the Zuiderdam please ask.

I know I'll have ?s about SOS as the time gets closer.