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Originally posted by doulabug:
How long does Carnival give you to leave the ship once it is back in port? We get back to Miami at 8AM, so I wondered what time they would throw us off. Also, flying in and out of Ft. Lauderdale rather than Miami is cheaper for us, but how much of a pain would that be?
Dave56 is correct about departure from the ship. However I have a differetn experience flying in to FFL and sailing out of Maimi. I've done it twice but both times we went a day early and stayed at the Comfort Inn just a couple of miles from the airport ($7 cab fare as I recall) and then we arranged with the hotel for bus service. I forgot how much extra but 10 - 15 per person was all. Once we were in a 20 pasenger carrier and the other time a full size coach. It worked well for us and the air fare to FFL more than made up for the transport. Coming back, Carnival has buses to FFL that you can buy on board just like an excursion.