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Originally posted by Jim C.:
Yes, the Liberty is a larger ship. The Triumph and its sister ship Victory have less buffet lines which can make going to the buffet a bit of a long line nightmare.

If I had a choice I would go with the Liberty assuming everything else is equal (ports and cost) But the differences in the ships are not so great as to offset a major difference in cost or itinerary.
I've cruised on both and loved both of them. But more importantly my daughter has worked on both as a dancer. She much prefers the Triumph. I do not have any specifics, but I think there is a tradition on the Triumph that has run the test of time. Cast and Crew return, re-sign and otherwise have some loyality that she hasn't seen on other ships. She gets high evaluations, is a qualified Life boat captain, has served as the Dance Captain, is degreed in Dance and has 5 years with the company and while she can not write her own ticket for any ship she wants, she is close to the top of the pecking order, and this is now her 3rd contract on the Triumph.

However if the ports on the Liberty are what you want, or the cabin you want is available I still put those ahead of the intangeables.

BTW Triumph has the newest stage show "Big Easy" I don't think that is playing on the Liberty. Triumph has a great magic show with Kevin and Caruso. But Liberty has the BIG movie screen, I don't think that is on the Triumph. Hope all this helps