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We just got off the Spirit yesterday from the Thanksgiving cruise. The prices listed are accurate, and they do not indicate going away. I am just waiting for them to charge for the Windows restaurant too. NCL nickel and dimes you for everything. Charging $10 for LaTrattoria is absurd. They curtain off part of the buffet area on 12 and call it an Italian restaurant! I don't know how you can screw up Italian food, but they managed. They even apologized for spilling olive oil on my son's jacket and said that they would dry clean it (which they did)and reduce his meal charge to $5 (he's 13). When we got the bill on the last day, the original charge showed the reduced charge, but someone went into the system and added back the $5!
People go to these specialty restaurants because the food is so mediocre in the regular dining rooms. On Thanksgiving night, we wanted traditional turkey dinner, so we TRIED to get into either Windows or the Garden (there is no differece between the 2 menus; they SAY that there is a dress code difference between the 2, but they don't turn away anyone, including shorts or ratty jeans at Windows). The 1+ hour wait at either restaurant sent us back upstairs to the buffet. The carving station had turkey, but the roast turkey breast was still pink in about 1/3 of it. When I told the carver that this was a problem, he asked if I wanted a more WELL DONE piece! I had to run back to the table to stop my son from eating his! I found the buffet manager and told him to stop serving the turkey before they killed someone. He even took my son's plate of turkey to the chef as proof.
IF you can live on bread and salad, then you will be fine on NCL. They have an outstanding bakery. But other than that, good luck.