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We are going to our daughter's house near Chicago. She got divorced this year, so there won't be a big family deal with us and her in-laws like in the past.

Since she is allergic to turkey and there will just be four of us, I suggested that we go out to eat somewhere. Then everyone can have whatever they want. I don't know if she is going to go along with that or not! It is her son's year to be with his dad, so I think it would be relaxing to just go to a nice restaurant and let them do the cooking and cleaning! We'll see! Traditions are hard to break, but I am all about making new traditions when the occasion calls for it.

The fun part will be that our 8 year old grandson (after dinner at dad's) will join us at the motel and we will swim and have a slumber party. He thinks that is pretty cool!

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