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Just getting home from our Mexican Rivera trip on the Spirit 10-21-07 to 10-29-07. It was to cover 3 ports of call Acapulco, Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, and Manzanillo. It is a cruise we did in February of this year.
On our flight down to San Diego we noticed the heavy smog band in the LA and San Diego area. It was a beautiful day at port, the clearest I have seen in quiet sometime. All that changed by the end of the day. The Smog turned out to be smoke from the many fires. As we sailed out of San Diego it covered the area.
The embarkation process was a zoo!! Out last time here it had gone smooth and quick. This time was it slow disorganized! We were glad to board the ship around 1:30. It was the noted time but the terminal was just in mess. One of the many things that went wrong was a change in ports, Manzanillo was out and Ensenada was in. A tropical storm that I had been watching was standing in our way. The Caption felt that we should take our time heading to Acapulco; we would stop in Ensenada on the way. Ensenada is way down on my list of ports I would care to revisit. We planned to make the best of it and go by the Shore Excursion Desk and book a tour for the following morning.
We dropped off a few things in our Cabin. We met our Cabin Steward while there. He was great the whole trip. As soon as he saw us he met us at the door. He explained that our TV remote was broken, but he would get us a new one. We talked with him for a short time and headed to the Dining room.
I have learned not to trust our table assignment. We had requested a table for two, table #125. We had noticed on our sign and sign card that not only did we not have table #125 we were at different tables. Getting out of the elevator near the dinning room we found the longest line I have ever seen. We waited about an hour to get our new table assignment. Seems a lot of people were separated from their groups and in some cases given different dinning times. I have wondered why when you book your cruise you can not pull up a dinning chart and pick a table. Much the same way you pick a cabin, or a plane seat. I will say all the Dining staff was great. The cuts of meat we had were so very tender, and the selection on the menus was enough to please anyone.
As you know the Santa Ana Winds hit Southern California. Our ship started rocking during the evening entertainment. We returned to our room to freshen up a bit, we again found our Steward. Seems the remote wasn’t the problem, he was having the TV changed out. While there he noticed the balcony door was letting the wind whistle thru it. He had the maintenance crew fix that while they were installing a new TV. We made a quick round of the ship and were rocked asleep. We had a 9:00am tour for the Ensenada and were ready to make the best of it.
At 7:00am we were up and the ship was still rocking. Ryan the Cruise director came over the PA system and informed us of yet another change of call in our Ports. Ensenada was having 55 knot winds and the port was closed. The Captain had changed us back to our scheduled Ports of Call, just in a different order. Manzanillo would be first, then Acapulco and Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. !2 hours later we had very calm seas, it remained that way for the rest of the trip.
We again loved our trip; we would do this cruise again. I might re think our cabin; it is just below the aft deck. We were in this section on our last trip; we chose it again because we loved it so much on that trip. At 6:00 am every morning they would set up the deck chairs and table. A man a few doors down complained enough for all of us. The routine continued the entire trip. That would the only fault I found, not sure why they needed to set up the deck that early.

Again Great Crew and trip.
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