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5 days at sea, 6 days on the Islands. We had a great time. The Spirit is a class ship. Easy to get around onboard. The food was great and the crew were hardworking and friendly. We left from Esenada, Mexico, after being shuttled there from San Diego by Carnival. First day asea was a little rough and cold. Didn't bother me but it did a lot of people. Closer we got to the Islands the warmer it got. I must say that my first look at the Islands which was Maui was unforgetable. We had signed up for three Carnival shore excursions. Two that we took were Pearl Harbor on Oahu, and Mauna Haleakala on Maui, were great. The drivers of these shore excursions were very informative and went way beyond what I had expected. The third Carnival excursion was a Luau which my husband and I were both disappointed in as were others that took this shore excursion. Our other excursions on the Islands were through other tour companies. We would do this cruise again and we definitely want to cruise on the Spirit again.