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I want to know if all ports in Hawaii have tenders and if they will be able to carry me on and off the tenders? This is my hubby's and my first cruise and I have seen on NCL's website that all the Shore Excursions we want to go on are wheelchair accessible. We will be on NCL's 10 day cruise March 22. I gladly appreciate any and all suggestions and advice. I was planning on bringing my new Power Chair I will be getting through Medicaid, but just found out earlier this evening that NCL doesn't allow my type, as it doesn't collapse like my manual does. My hubby Bobm has a difficult time pushing me with his lung disease that has left him with only 50% lung capacity. And, would there be anyone on the tours who would be willing to push me if he borrows a wheelchair for shore excursions? And, is the walking not that hard?