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My last transatlantic cruise was in November of 2005 on the Splendour of the Seas. It was the trip with the infamous trip from the airport in Dusseldorf where my wife was bumped from first class to make room for a (unknown to me) famous German entertainer. What do you expect from Lufthansa? This problem was rectified and she remained. Anyways, it was raining when we arrived at the port in Barcelona. Embarkation was great. The cruise was fantastic. The ship was undergoing some mid-cruise refurbishment but it was still lots of fun. Sonny, you know as well as I do, some people will get sick in flat seas, but the water was absolutely calm. Some areas, it was calm enough to make it seem eerie. The arrival in Galveston was a little hectic, as always. In answer to your question, when I have time, I intend to do another transatlantic "repositioning" cruise some November. I will be sailing on the Splendor again in October on the Mediterranean and I can't wait!!