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Labadee is RCCL's private port, but they have some excursions available. The zip line is brand new, SonnyV did this and I believe they have cave-tubing available, but I might be confusing that with Belize. SonnyV has been in Labadee a lot, maybe you could pm him. For me, I would rather spend time in Miami than in Puerto Rico (nothing against Puerto Rico Casanova), but that could be an option for you. You might also be able to do a more southern route from there, which I love personally. They may have one with Grenada, Dominica, Antigua, or even Trinidad/Tobago. You could check that option out as well. I'm not sure that they do a 5 day out of Puerto Rico, though, I thought they were just 7 day, but I could be wrong. Just when you think you've got it narrowed down, but hey, that's the fun in planning