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Hi Kraftsinc,
From what I know, the ships dock in a town called Coxen Hole. Believe me, hole is the RIGHT word there. Roatan is very poor. Anyway, we booked the shore excursion, mainly because I'm not sure if I'd trust the taxi's. It's probably a 20-30 minute drive. I'm probably a pessimest, but I'd hate to miss the ship on the return. That being said, when we were there 6yrs ago, we just drove to the beach and parked ourselves. There was an area roped off for cruiser's with chairs, etc...If I remember, there are a few vendors that show up to sell what they can. There are also a couple resorts there that have bars right on the beach. One thing we'll probably do first is take what they call a water taxi(looks like a small fishing boat) to an area called West End. It's a short trip and costs about 1-2 american dollars. There are alot of shops, restaraunts, and the such there. I'm pretty sure everyone will take american dollars. The exchange rate is around 18 limperas to one dollar so keep that in mind when bartering(yes they will barter). Back to tabyana, I didn't snorkle but my kids did and found it pretty good. All I remember was that the water was clear and warm. Perhaps we'll meet up. When I think of Kraft, I think of cheese, which(being from Minnesota), makes me think of the cheeseheads in Wisconsin....You wouldn't be wearing a wedge of cheese on your head would you??? LOL.....any more questions, feel free to ask, or send private message. 21 days and counting......