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Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:
We will probably take a short 3 night cruise out of Port Canaveral since we can get there in under an hour. I would love to find a cheap 3 night that left on a Friday afternoon. that way I could go without taking any vacation.
Keep in mind to try a different cruise line on a 3nt cruise is not a good comparison to a 7 day Princess. For several reasons. 1)They are so cheap they draw a totally different crowd. 2)They are usually on older ships. 3)They are not in the same classification ie: Princess is in the Premium class, and the two major cruise lines that do 3/4nt cruises (Carnival,Royal Caribbean) are called Mass Market or Mainstream. Disney is an exception. They are their own product. The only other cruise line doing a short cruise (4/5 nts) is Celebrity Cruise Lines which is also in the premium class. You might be able to catch other cruise lines doing a short special sailing as I did last year on MSC. I found a special 3nt cruise.

Good point. I guess I had two different trains of thought going.
First - I want to try a different line on a 7 night so I can compare.
Second - I want to find a good way to take the cheap 3 night cruises so we can continue to enjoy get aways.

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