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Thankyou all so much!! I CANNOT WAIT!! We have actually decided to drive from Jersey to Miami...21 hours, but I think we will have fun driving, although he wants me to drive, and im the girly girl thats never driven out of jersey! I will be buying a sea sickness aid before we leave just in case...hopefully I won't need it.

Jac'06- We do not have a promenade room we have a balcony boyfriend won't cruise without a balcony...I would have loved a promenade room because it is so different and it is a new experience, as on our last cruise we also had a balcony. This past weekend was cruise weekend on the travel channel and we taped all of the shows, even the ones we have seen,and it is getting us so amped up about our cruise 63 days seems so far even though we booked at 180, i guess we are halfway there!! But really Im rambling and I really thankyou all for your input and suggestions!!!