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I wanted to pass this along to everyone.

Carnival announced a new booking program today. It will be available January 12. It offers the opportunity to save up to 25% off the lowest fare for booking early. It has some good points, and some not so good points depending on individual circumstances. The price will be protected up to 2 business days prior to sail date with some restrictions. So read the details. A form must be sent in for adjustments, and they will be as non-refundable on board credits.

For 5 day or less sailings the booking must be made outside of 3 months, for 6 day and more sailings 5 months.

*The deposit becomes immediately non-refundable.

*There is a $50 charge for changing the ship or sail date outside of penalty period.

There are several more terms and conditions. They have already updated their FAQ section (here) with this. I would read the details carefully before deciding on this type of booking. It could work well for some people if they understand the details.