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Hello, WoW just read your review, I am going to the exact cruise Sept 13 with my son. I was looking forward to stay longer in Mykonos. My goodness the service staff being rude. I was told when booking my trip that they took $10.00 per person everyday for tips. Why would they not leave that up to each individual, to tip at the end?
I plan to go to bed around midnight too, hope I don't hear to much noise, I get grumpy when I don't get enough sleep.

I have picked the late dinner seating. This trip is my first and I hope I don't get disappointed, I did not read the reviews before. I thought all the cruises were good.

I do speak Italian, so I may get by on that one.
Did you try out the gym? I am wondering if there is enough time to work out? I am bringing my gym clothes and runners.

You would think that they would give Very Good Service, so people would go back.