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Interesting to know about the form - the agent didn't offer to send me one but did say she noted that my son had special food considerations. She mentioned that this information would be passed to the medical staff on board who whould notify the kitchen/maitre d' of the requirement. I will check with Carnival again to enquire re form.

She noted that this request was 'more common than you might think' although it actually isn't surprising to diagnosed Celiacs, we are hearing that 1 in 150 North Americans are carriers - I think, as agents, you will be hearing more about it. From all the research I've had to do recently, I could go on and on about it! Thank you so much for your responses.

We just returned from an RCCL cruise during which we were half on, half off the diet (having just been diagnosed), however there should be no half measures. They could provide gluten free bread in the dining room but not in the Windjammer cafe. The wait staff in the dining room could point to gluten free menu selections and, once they were aware, the head waiter would review the following evening's menu with me to see what would be suitable and could make adjustments in preparation to certain items. The basics like steak, chicken, salmon that were menu standards could always be offered gluten free.

Now that my son is 100% committed to the diet I have to do more due diligence before the trip although we may reconsider the booking given the temptation to cheat with 24 hr pizza!