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Hank, nice plan...two transatlantics and round trip air. About two years ago, I found a 16 day transatlantic cruise for an incredible price. It was very tempting but we knew it wouldn't work. The one-way return fare was almost double a round-trip ticket.

Well, we seem to be all set for our trip. We've gathered so much information found online, from this (and the other) cruise board. We also requested, received and reviewed some very good information from the tourist offices of countries/cities that we will be visiting. We've organized the information we need and my husband put it into a useful format and printed it.

This is a great website and I've enjoyed reading so many posts. I thank everyone for all the information.

Hank, I love your lifestyle! Enjoy your trips...and let's hope the $ doesn't get any worse!

I'll check back to this website once in a while to see if I've missed any info.

Take care,