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Originally posted by Ron Clark:
Originally posted by
Were you are that cruise?

I never said NCL was responsible for any natural
disasters. I'm saying they are negligent. They are responsible for not disclosing information. Re: Damage to the ship
Disclosing this information should have been given to Travel Agencies so they could give the chance to their customers to make changes, to go at a later date.

They didn't even make arrangements for trasportaton when we were sent to Maui a day early. Leaving many to fend for themselves. I myself along with hundreds more spent over 200.00 to go anywhere around town.

A woman who was very well traveled 35 cruises said this was the "worse she had even been on"
First time she was even on NCL and the last.

If the accident had happened on our cruise, I would have been more then understanding. But to use a ship that should have been repaired when it happened just does not make sense.

Rude........the young man who gave so many people a hard time at the excursion desk stood outside the second day and told an elderly woman who was schedualed to be on a tour that there "was NO room for her wheelchair". Did we get rude, No, we were too shocked. When if that was your mother? Thank Goodness the tour gentleman stepped in and said to this rep of NCL "the wheelchair is going with us". He got a big cheer from everyone standing outside the ship.

In my experence staff doesn't get rude. And I know no one else would lower themselves to the level of NCL's staff members.
As for the wheelchair incident, it sounds like it was corrected on the spot. The older lady did get to go on her excursion, with her wheelchair. By the way, the NCL rep, nor anyone else, should be considered rude by saying NO! All excursions are published by NCL with exertion levels, and some excursions are not recommended for wheelchair bound passengers.

As for the reason the ship arrived in Maui early, check your facts. Kona was closed, the ship had nowhere to go. Instead of arriving early, it could have sailed around in circles for an extra day. At least you had an extra day in Maui, which many consider the best island.

As for the lack of scheduled excursions that extra day in Maui, you didn't have to depart the ship that day. You could have enjoyed an uncrowded ship, with the pools all to yourselves. You could have enjoyed 50% off at the Spa. It was you that decided to go ashore and spend an extra $200.

As for lack of any information, the buoy cable incident happen the week before your cruise. Yes, you could have canceled your cruise, and booked another. But that would have incurred a 100% penalty, since NCL still planned to sail the ship, and your cancellation was way past final payment day. So, you're basically asking NCL to waive its cancellation policy, because one port will be closed. Sorry, I don't think that will ever happen on any cruise line.

Neither incidents you reported are complete disasters, imho, when you consider alternatives. Was it inconvenient, more than likely, but not a disaster.

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