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Originally posted by Zita:
The reason I booked air & cruise together is because I did not know any better. Wish I had!! I thought I would keep in simple and do it all together. Never again! If you have not booked your not do it! Go down the day before. I know better now for future cruises.

We leave on Sunday, and as I wrote in my post about being worried, we land at LAX at 1:15, that leaves little time to get to the port and that is with no problems (and I am traveling with 3 kiddies!). I have faith...we will get there, extra prayers that morning. :-)

However, I did try to change my flight. First I called one number at Carnival, she is the one who informed "Try not to think like that.". She told me I could call the airline, they are the only ones who could help. So, I can, they can not help because it is a group ticket with no price. Ugh! She said we could get to the airport earlier, which I will, and fly stand-by. There are 5 us, but worth a try. So, I call 1-800-Carnival back and get a vacation planner. He made me feel better, boat will wait, etc.

So, all this to say, book your own flights and go the day before. You will have no choice on airline times.
I called my TA because i was worried as well and i called Carnival, but they both informed me that it would have been another 50$ each to change the flight. And after all the horror stories i heard about changing planes numerous times, i was pleasantly surprised that we got a direct AA flight from TOR to MIA.
But as you said next time definetly a day ahead.

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