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Sandy I plan on writing a complete review of the ship in a week or so. She is a beautiful ship with, we loved her. We was in Cabin 7068, an aft inside cabin, with a window. I would highly recommend this room. The is a deck on the aft section of the deck that very few people use. It is like having you very own very extended balcony.

Penny I will post a few now, but will get a catalog of them before too long. We had Humpbacks bubble netting in Juneau, Eagles nesting in Ketchikan, bears in Skagway, and of course glaciers in Glacier Bay

Susanmaz, I was on deck 7 aft section. It was just outside our cabin and have a great view, and no crowd. My wife watched from inside the cabin. My hat is off to the Captain. He changed things up for us when he did not have to. We got to see two very good shows because of him.

We prebooked while onboard, plan to do Alaska next year. We are also think of booking on the Spirit to Mexico this October.
Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska