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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
CruiseDad and cruisinallthetime, this one that was posted about originally was different. It was not the typical hype. You could not use previously booked rates and have them adjusted. You could not even call in the day before and hold a cabin and finalize the next day to get the rate and other perks. This one was about better rates, half the deposit required and big onboard credits for booking on that specific date. These promos come up rarely and when they do really are a big deal.

Cheers, Neil
Perhaps I should start reading them again. they had been all the same and not much better than I get through my TA. When we book it is on a specific ship, no options, and usually within a short time peroid so many of the deals don't fit our situation. Still I could get lucky, Next cruise will be on Destiny, New Years Eve cruise we hope.