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Absolutely- check the other thread on here- we were just talking about it. Little kids have to be signed in and out, but 9-11 can sign themselves in and out all day (if they have to run to the cabin or whatever).

My 11 year old is sitting next to me correcting: "you can actually go wherever you want as long as you tell them where you are going."

Hours are from 8:30 am (so you can grab a tender no prob) until 10pm (same closing time as Fun Day at Sea). CC takes the kids to dinner at 5:45 on all days, so if you want to use the camp between then and 7pm you have to make sure you have him or her there by 5:45 (get there at 5:46 and you are outta luck til 7).

Hope this helps. Any other questions, let me know!