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Because unlike other lines RCCL's company policy, at least according to the head bartender as told in front of the purser, is that these charges can't be removed in any case for any reason. I want to confirm this with someone at corporate but if it is the case then it is not a tip it is a service charge. A conflict of thier printed literature and a sneaky way to bilk the passenger, (yesa i said bilk..please dont delete me)
This is where this crap starts, you read one price in the advertised menu then pay a different one on the bill.
Next thing you know other tips will be mandatory and your paying for even the smallest service on your all inclusive cruise.
Charges to visit specialty resturaunts were a bad trend to start also, that could lead to paying extra for all but the blandest food.
I'm more than irked that the cruise line can't pay thier people a good enough wage so they don't have to rely on extra tips from us after we pay them a large amount, sometimes months in advance, to book a supposedly mostly inclusive cruise.
What next will we have to tip the embarkation clerk? after tipping the porter, shuttle driver, airport porter, stewardess on the flight?
The captain is the most important man on board, when will he demand a cut from us?
Maybe we will have to tip the window washers in port so they will work on our ship instead of others in port.
They allready have self disembarkation to help you leave faster (oh yeah and relieve them of dealing with your bags) i'm sorta surprised they don't hit us for a fuel surcharge like the airlines...give them more time and slack and they will!!
so is it obsession to want to curtail anarchy?
I may have overblown a small problem, but thats where it starts. If nobody says a word than it becomes acceptable practice and you will need a calculator to figure up an inceasingly padded bottom line for your cruise bill.