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Taking medications is always a last resort for me, too. I was on one cruise in my life. It was on a 22,000 ton ship. Considerably smaller than the 101,000 ton ship I am going on. I hope that is enough to make the difference. I didn't get "sick" on the cruise I was on, but was qweezy enough to take those sea sick pills from the ship. They didn't help. I think they made me feel worse. Now, it's 20 years later, and the older I get the more motion sickness I feel. I am not as bad as many, but I feel the motion on the train and planes. Fortunately, it's just long enough to keep my mind off of it. A 5 night cruise might be too long to try to keep my mind off of it. I am afraid to go without anything, because I believe if you get sick, it's already too late to prevent it. I don't want to ruin my vacation. Also, we are cruising the east coast to Canada and I heard it's rougher than the Caribbean. Thanks for the input everyone.