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Last April I bought round trip tickets from Midwest Airlines, which were non-stop from Milwaukee to Orlando in October. The tickets were a bargain at $419 total for my wife and I. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Midwest telling me they canceled flights to Orlando until October 28th, and cutting back from 3 flights a day to 1 flight. They said they would refund my money, leaving me with no options but to start looking for another airline. These kind of "challenges" will probably deter a lot of people from cruising. I was lucky and found a flight even cheaper than my original. However, I have to leave another day earlier, and I have to make connecting flights. I'm sure the cruise lines are facing a major hurdle as airlines restructure. It makes sense to me that the cruise lines would venture into chartering from some major cities. I can't believe how fast things are changing. My problem is driving over 20 hours to any port, not to mention over $700 just for gas.