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Can anyone tell me anything about the smoking policy on Princess Cruise Lines? I have not been on their line before. Have been on Carnival and RCCL. Will never go on Carnival again because we kept getting smoked off the ship. (I do understand they have the Paradise now, but have not had the pleasure of sailing it yet). I do appreciate RCCL having one side of the ship for smokers and one side for non-smokers. I just inquired about a balcony cabin on the Tahitian Princess and asked about their smoking policy. I was informed that the ONLY place that smoking was NOT allowed was in the dining room. When I asked about the main show lounge, I was told passengers could smoke in them. I cannot believe that Princess is going to take over these Renaissance ships, who did not allow smoking AT ALL, and are going to RUIN them with this policy!! Any information about the Tahitian Princess, or Princess Cruise Lines smoking policy in general, would be helpful.