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The soda stamp, is around $6/pp per day. Unless you drink an awful lot of soda, I don't think it would be worth it. Bottled water is not included, but the water on board ship is probably more pure than the bottled water. If you want you could purchase a bottle, then fill it from the tap to take on shore. You cannot share your stamp. They will ask for your sign and sail card with your stamp on it each time you request a refill. I don't drink soda's very often, but I believe they are $1.50 a can, plus the 15% gratuity. They have ice tea, coffee, and punch available free of charge, plus juice in the morning is free. The unseen costs are alcoholic beverages, photographs, soda, bingo, casino, wine tasting (unless you're an Elite member), video arcade, the specialty restaurants, some ice cream (sundaes by the pool), extra tips, and the shops on board. We figure $100/day without the casino. Hope this helps.