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I had a client call me from a cell phone stating that due to a major traffic delay heading to the pier from VA he'd missed his ship but could still see it sailing away from Ft. Lauderdale. Later after attempts to find a flight to catch up to the ship were unsuccessful I called on several ships scheduled to leave the following day from Ft. Lauderdale and all were full. About ten minutes later I got a call from CCL notifying me a ship in Miami had some cancellations and they were offering upgrades to another passenger I had booked for the next day cruise. I asked what they would do with the cabin they moved my client from and they said it was available. I called the first stranded client back on his cell phone and he drove to Miami and got on the ship the next day. Cost him for two cruise bookings but he had insurance for the first so he got his money back from that one.

Cheers, Neil