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Camp carnival was great we have a three year daughter and she loved it. They staff was great with them. The first night there will be a meeting where you sign them up at. Make sure you read the events for each day. My daughter got to make a bookbag and t shirt at no cost. They are open from 9am to 10 pm for free except 12-2 there is lunch. The first day I took her up there I was worried and only kept her up there for 45 mins. Then took her back from 2-4 which she didnt want to leave at 4. She actually asked me to take her there the other days. I hav to say It was nice that the last night we wanted to have a quiet dinner so we took her up there for two hrs. so we could. They are also openned from 10pm to 3 am for babysitting. The first night we took her for 2 hours and when I got her I felt bad she was curled up on a mat sleeping all by herself no one in the room. Was a little turned off but one other night I took her they were still up when i picked her which was 1230. make sure if they have a blanket or stuffed animal they like you take it with to the camp. Its also nice that you have two in the same age group. Have fun. They give you a phone incase they need you.
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