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Originally posted by alfred:
Well the dust has finally settled and the family reunion is back on for at least most of the parties involved. At first it was I who voiced great opposition to continue doing business with Royal Caribbean, but I was immediately shot down by family members who convinced me that for the good of the family the show should go on. We could not agree on another cruise line so at the suggestion of the experts on this board I suggested the Mariner of the Seas. I made this suggestion so those affected by airline changes would not be financially burdened. There was great opposition to the Mariner because it is smaller than the Freedom class ships. The resulting arguments were brutal and have torn my family
apart. My sister in-law Maureen, spearheaded the movement to book the Liberty on August 16th with little regard for anyone holding airline tickets. The argument made was that the Freedom class ships had a better "water park area" for her precious little ones. Then the domino affect occurred with other parents of precious little ones chiming in and I was seriously out
numbered. So after much bickering, it was decided that the family will split in half. Two for the Mariner and the rest on the Liberty, so much for a family reunion. I could not afford to lose my four airline tickets valued at $1,600 even with the $400
Royal Caribbean offered to offset my loss. I don't grow money trees in my backyard, so I opted for the Mariner with my wife's 94 year old Aunt Carmel and her fiance who also would have been affected by an airline change. There are now great strains on the family. Divisions have been drawn and speaking terms are limited. I just wanted to post this final blog to thank everyone on this board for their kind advice and to thank Royal Carribean for breaking up my family.
IMO I think this is a very unfair statement to make.If you pay attention, cruises are canceled all the time for various reasons.Don't blame Royal Caribbean for your internal family problems.