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I do not know what area you are from, or how long you have been in the business, or what your experience is. Under this area "General Cruise Chat" there is another thread "Good Cruise Prices" where the moderator Sandy and Carol have some good words on the value of a TA and what TA's can do for their clients. Farmerjohn has mentioned some also. It goes way beyond just being there "incase" something goes wrong, and to provide coupons and a free bottle of wine. You will learn clients that are only looking for freebies have no loyalty to you and will book elsewhere if it saves $5. You could have booked that type of person three cruises, providing them great service and price, and lose them on the fourth (Whoops, they forgot about the first three). Ofcourse everyone wants the best deal. Who wouldn't. I don't know too many people that would walk in and say "Give me the worst price you have!" Sadly, in this fast paced and technology world we live in today so many people don't have loyalty, and don't recognize the value of service. They don't place a value on all the time they research on the internet, when they could have been spending it more productively, or with there families.
Learn the demographics and psychographics of your clients. Get as educated as you can on cruising, destinations, do seminars at sea. Keep up on what is happening in the cruise industry by reading all your trade news, and attending conferences. Good-Luck