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Hi Nadine, Some folks believe that since the cruiselines book so many flights they'll get preferable seating and itins. The opposite is actually true. The cruiselines don't actually book the flights or reserve specific flights in advance. They have contracts to have the airlines have so many seats available about 3 weeks prior to the sailing date from various air gateways to popular port destinations. Then when they do book your flights you get what nobody else chose. You get the leftovers from from the airlines that the cruiselines get at heavilly discounted rates. The itins are often two or more legs, some closer together than you'd like making you rush to catch the next leg or with longer than desired layovers. The vast majority of the time they do get you there without a hitch. Sometimes when they get down to the last few flights, seats, etc. you get really poor arrangments like you had last time. I even had one cruiselines Air/Sea Dept book a family of four a couple of years ago on seperate flights! Mom and daughter were in one booking and had a flight that exchanged planes in one city and Dad and son to another city and different departure times and flights all together. I won't mention the cruiseline but it wasn't Princess. I've never had it happen a second time but once was enough. Fortunately we got it resolved before the cruise and flights. But it was a real mess and very unhappy clients, agent and everyone else until it got resolved.

Cheers, Neil