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Hi there,
Congrats on your upcoming celebration! I'm sailing on the Spirit this June 25th. I can give you my feedback of this ship/cruise, if you like. I have sailed on other NCL ships to Bermuda a few times, this will be my first on the Spirit. I will tell you that Bermuda is absolutely anniversary-celebration-oriented. So pretty,so romantic and nice people. Really beautiful beaches! An absolute must (if you do only one thing, this would be it)... Horseshoe Bay Beach. It's about a 20 min bus ride from the dockyard. Breathtaking!(Camera is a must.) St George..on the opposite end of the island is really pretty to walk around. Unfortunately, most of the shops are closed now due to the cruise ships no longer docking there. Go anyway, just to take some pictures of the area. White Horse Tavern is a lunch option. Hamilton? Yes, if you want to go shopping, but it's expensive. I would really recommend you take the bus for sightseeing. (No taxis...waste of money.) Buses are clean and air conditioned. Sit way up in the back of the bus. Seats are raised, you get the best view. You can buy a 2 or 3 day pass, but remember that you must ride either on consecutive skipping days in between or they are no longer valid. Ferry ride is also included with this pass. St George is much faster to get to on the ferry, other wise, use the bus. There are two beaches in St George...Tobacco Bay and St Catherines. Not anywhere NEAR as beautiful as Horseshoe. It's just one of those beaches you will literally rub your eyes because you won't believe what you are seeing. Swizzle Inn...fabulous. Lunch and their Rum Swizzles. Easy to get to from the dockyard on the bus. Excursions? Helmet Dive. Take aling a disposable underwater camera. No scuba diving skills required. It's very very very easy to do and worth every penny. Priceless memories!!!
Just and women have to be dressed on these buses. No bathing suits or shirtless men allowed. They are very strict about this. You can change at Horseshoe Beach. They also have a snack/lunch place. Any questions, please ask. This is my 5th time there. I obviously love it there.

Originally posted by angela e:
My husband and I will be cruising on the Spirit July 23rd. Hope we meet some nice people on the cruise. This is our first cruise and we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary