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I tell you the truth...the reservation was made on line after seeing the price on their website. So when we called who ever answered the phone I guess became our "TA". Don't know the girl personally...but she did say we were in the "penalty phase" and it was NOT from them but from HAL. We paid in full when we booked because the cruise was in 8 weeks from that day. Anyway, she said there was NO GUARANTEE that we would get a seat in the main dining room, so I told her then we wouldn't go because that's ridiculous. Also said we have 3 business days to cancel any purchase like this and/or I'd just tell VISA not to pay it. So she said in a week when cancellations come in something might open up. This is when I called directly to HAL and they had us in the computer for 8pm seating. I received my confirmation in the mail today from and it says dining: waitlist. The gentleman with HAL said we are guaranteed a spot. He said they actually have two early seatings two late and another option which I'm not sure what that was- maybe the one Penny was talking about but I'm not sure how it works. Like I said I've never cruised with HAL before so I don't know their system.
Thank you so much for looking out for the sister!
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