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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Of course, being platinum in the RCI program probably means more for us if we cruise with Celebrity these days.
It sure does. Your Royal Caribbean Platinum status gives you Select Status in Celebrity's Captain's Club. (Similarly, with our recent Celebrity Cruise, we were kicked up to Select, which makes us Platinum Members of Royal Caribbean.) Select members get "perks" like wine seminars, a senior officer's cocktail party, a tour of areas like backstage at the show lounge.

Sonny, you'd receive, in addition, a private departure lounge (whatever that is) and priority tendering.

I happen to like NCL's Latitudes perks, although they're not necessarily enough to get me to book another NCL cruise. We've actually been members for quite a long time -- we joined when the repeater's club was called Embark.
Happy cruising!