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WE splurged and did an upgrade to a guaranteed suite, ended up with sky suite 6126. great room, WHAT A TREAT!, this was an oversized balcony, if I could though, I wold have tried to get 6132, as this is also an oversized balcony, but is right on the outermost side of the ship, which provided better lengthways views, and you weren't overlooking the lifeboats quite as much,...and also it would have cut down on some of the noise from the areas around the life boats. Our butler, and cabin steward were very attentive.
Being on the sixth floor, was nice in the fact that it was only one floor down to the common areas, we were near the aft elevators, and because the there are less cabins due to the suites, there are also less people, so it was quiet, and if you did want an elevator, it didn't take long.
(good signage throughout ship)
We did have a look inside a "celebrity suite", No balcony, but very spacious! and large windows for great views!, but after talking with the guest in that room , they had to keep the blinds down otherwise it would get too warm.

The dining room was typical, outside of the very large expanse of glass at the rear, very nice , decent service, but found that the staff wasn't as attentive as one might hope, but we were furthest from the galley escalators and that would certainly cut into their time frame. Dining meals were typically very rich, nice presentation, fairly good selection, but found some of the items very bland with Flavour, ie) escargot,soups.
the maitre'di "Igor" was on top if his game as well, made us feel like we were his only table.

The main buffet had some nice items to offer , but lacked selection, organization, (where does the line start and where does it end?) identification, and with the glass partitions between the cook/server, it was difficult to comunicate. the Windjammer buffets in the royal ships were much better

The ships entertainment, was lacking, it good variety in the theater. there was an "a cappella" group that was very good, but even they didn't know where they were going to be performing untill the day of. In "micheals club" there was a piano, but rather than nice music to relax /be romantic with , it was a woman who preferred to provide trivia on every piece, interrupted songs to be loud and boistrous with the audience, she would repeat the same lines night after night, but she was typically the only one laughing at her own lines. and when she did play the grand piano, her style was more of a honky tonk style.

IN comparison to the royal ships with the "centrum", there was very little for consistant, peaceful or gentle music to have a glass of Champagne/wine with. but for the size of the ship and the number of passengers, there were plenty of places to be alone with your special someone or with your thoughts.

Embarking and disembarking, were seamless, and efficient.

the stops were , St. kitts, st. Croix, St. Lucia, barbadoes, dominica, grenada, aruba and curacau. if anyone would like details or thoughts on any of these thoughts and my experience, please ask.

the pool main pool area was nice, the band was typical carribean , with a volume dial that seemed stuck on high ( more is better right???) the adult only pool area was very nice.
Nice weight room , good equipment ( only two out of service).
never used the spa, but as is per usual , much more expensive than what you'd find on shore.

found that the sales pitches were not so "in your face" on celebrity which was very nice!!! a nice change from the royal and the princess.

the photographers were abundant, but seemed a little less pushy, but you still found the poor guy in the heat stroke costume on the docks, and some guy asking if you want your picture taken with "this beautiful sign" ...
really ??? beautiful sign????....sigh.... yeah, thanks.

Would I sail with celebrity again? Yes
I liked any ship , I'm finding that your cabin and location are very important.
if I could afford it would I do the suite again? yes..
okay enough for now, any questions , feel free to ask
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